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Implementation tools: BEI, SEAPs, Pilot Projects, Meetings.

Baseline Emission Inventory

Baseline Emission Inventory is a quantification of the amount of CO2 emitted due to energy consumption in the territory of a Covenant of Mayors signatory municipality, within a given period of time. The recommended base year is 1990. This inventory allows the identification of the main sources of CO2 emissions and their respective reduction potentials.

Sustainable Energy Action Plan

The Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) is the key document in which the Covenant signatory municipality outlines how it intends to reach its CO2 reduction target by 2020. It defines the activities and measures set up to achieve the targets, together with time frames and assigned responsibilities. Covenant signatories are free to choose the format of their SEAP, as long as it is in line with the general principles set out in the Covenant SEAP guidelines.

The SEAP Guidebook has all the information on how to develop a Sustainable Energy Action Plan. The SEAP Template Instructions provide help on how to fill in the  SEAP Template.

Please have a look on the presentation on the BEI and SEAP on the context of the DACO Project.

Stakeholders Meetings

In order to be successful SEAP should be developed in close cooperation between the local authority and local stakeholder groups that will be involved in the practical implementation. As Covenant signatory, the municipality is also committed to mobilising and involving the citizens in the whole process. Strategies of information, communication, sensitising, motivation and co-ordination are also crucial.

For more information on the Stakeholders group, click here

Pilot Projects

Last operative phase of the CoM strategy consists in the realization of the local Pilot Project, identified by each Municipality within the SEAP.

The partners select and approve the project, which will be realized by the support of DACO’s budget. 

Each LPP respects the targets pointed out in the Covenant of Mayor methodology, and functions as deal example of the work carried out and of the expected results.

Donors Roundtables

The Conferences of Donors represent the final activities scheduled in the DACO action plan, since are connected to the SEAP’s implementation phase.

Each sustainable action plan envisages an average of ten actions to be done at the municipal levels, in order to reach the goals previously decided.

Thus, the Donors Roundtables are the opportunity to foresee financial strategies to support the Municipalities in fulfilling all the scheduled activities; indeed, the purposes of those conferences are: redesigning the architecture of aid and improve aid effectiveness; exploit new solutions to reform public finance management; strengthening resource allocation and use at sector and local level; improving national policy and planning virtuous processes.