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About DACO

Objectives and activities of the DACO project

The main goal is to improve security of municipalities energy supply by enhancing energy efficiency, reducing their dependency on fossil fuels and contributing to climate change mitigation in their respective areas. 

The local authorities that are partners of the project – Novogrudok, Republic of Belarus, Sumgaiyt, Azerbaijan, Somoniyon, Tajikistan and Taraz, Kazakhstan will be encouraged and supported to implement a more sustainable local energy policy by joining the ‘Covenant of Mayors’ principles, rules and goals.

Partners will develop Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs), in accordance with the established format available within the framework of the Covenant of Mayors, but also taking into consideration the specific characteristics and needs of the participating cities. The exchange and the adoption of best practices within European cities, members of the Covenant of Mayors is a real point of strength of the project strategy.

The SEAPs will become a new tool for the local energy management, based on a common, replicable and transferable methodology. In this regard, quantification and treatment of relevant parameters of energy consumption and CO2 emissions to be done are: electricity, residential and public; heating, civil and public; public and private transport, industry, etc. Other components which govern and influence the energy use and daily behaviours, awareness raising activities, local and national legislation and training of local experts are also addressed.

The main project activities include:

  • Definition of the relevant standard statistical data in terms of CO2 reduction and energy conservation to improve the energy efficiency in relation to the actions foreseen in the SEAP.
  • Creating a common methodology to realize local SEAPs by fixing a flexible system to check the energy performances of the municipalities and define plans for corrective interventions and continuous monitoring.
  • Training (energy and environmental topics) addressed to local experts and stakeholders which will be the key-actors in the implementation of the local SEAPs.
  • Building up capacity of local experts who will support work of local authorities and training of local technicians.
  • Establishing web based platform to promote experience sharing and access to training materials on sustainable energy for any interested experts, NGOs and civil society from the Eastern countries.
  • Implementing pilot projects to demonstrate the feasibility of the energy efficiency actions included in the SEAP.
  • Facilitating the establishment of a solid permanent network among the partners that will involve other actors in the future and create conditions to continuously exchange the SEAPs' experience.
  • Raising awareness among local society on energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • Creating conditions to stimulate potential investors (donors) in the sector of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.