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Project activities

Sumgayit’s Pilot Project proposal: deep rehab of a residential old building

Sumgayit city officially proposes its Pilot Project within the framework of DAco project: a partial property renovation of an old building directed to repair entrance and corridors, and to use alternative energy resources for lighting of building corridors and for the entrance.

The activities aim to demonstrate potential of RES and EE technologies for improving lighting services. Indeed, the scope of the pilot project is:

  • Replace all windows and doors to improve insulation and increase heating energy
  • Install solar power system to reduce CO2 emissions and use alternative energy sources
  • Ensure secure power supply  

The municipality is strongly convinced by the project's goals: it will ensure secure supply of electricity based on solar panels and contribute to CO2 emission reduction of the building, besides creating nice and healthy environment for residents.

In the framework of the DACO project and following the work programme contracted with the European  Commission, the second Stakeholders meeting was held on the 21st June 2012 in Sumgayit, Republic of Azerbaijan. This event was organised by the local authority together with ECS and ALESA (Italy).

The meeting comprised a full-day event and from the DACO project team were present representatives from the Province of Chieti (Mr. Giancarlo Moca) as team leader and, from partners, ALESA (Mr. Antonio di Nunzzio and Mr. Marco Collalongo) and ECS (Ms. Gabriela Prata Dias).

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Abulfaz Babayev, Chairman of Sumgayit Municipality, who addressed the fact that the Sumgayit municipality has a full conviction in the energy efficiency and renewable energies, having already installed in its territory an industrial park where there are operating a solar systems battery factory and a solar thermal collectors factory. He also referred to the intention to start using energy efficient materials in the new buildings' facades and touched upon a pilot project on PV street lighting that they were intending to put together in the short term. The welcome address was followed by a speech from ALESA’s representative (Mr. Antonio di Nunzzio) who had a word in the name of the DACO consortium.

Other participants were Mr. Teymur Valyev, Advisor to the Chairman of the Sumgayit Municipality, Ms. Khatuna Sichinava from the office of the Covenant of Mayors East in Tbilisi and Mr. Zaur Mammadov, appointed local expert for the DACO project.

From the local community were present the head of the financial commission of the Sumgayit municipality, representatives of the local industry, municipal energy department, communal buildings’ management department, city lighting department and local district heating company. Local television was there also broadcasting the morning session.

The remaining morning presentations were dedicated to the formal introduction to the Covenant of Mayors, the DACO project and the local Sustainable Energy Action Plans. The afternoon session was dedicated to the presentation and discussion of the local features, projects and advancements in the local community by the stakeholders.

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