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Info&News from Sumgayit

Sumgayit is a city located near the Caspian Sea, only 31 km away from Baku, the capital. It has a population of 310.000 inhabitants, making it the third-largest city in Azerbaijan. Its territory is 96 km2. Sumgayit has long been home to intense industrial activities, including chemical and petrochemical, metallurgical production, construction materials, food and textile and is the home of the biggest electricity producing power plant in Azerbaijan.

The Government recognizes the importance of developing alternatives sources of energy and by official acts it is going towards this direction. Recently Azerbaijan instituted legal framework promoting energy efficiency. Enhancing energy efficiency and energy saving are supreme priorities of the government. Based on the cooperation with the Energy Competence Centre GmbH (ECC) from Berlin and the Caspian Technology Company from Azerbaijan, the first wind energy turbine started in March 2009.

Sumgaiyt has already and estimation of emissions per sector and, apart from the industry sector, Buildings are the main consumers of energy. There are about 1200 residential buildings in the city and every flat is supplied with electric energy and natural gas meters. Only 1-2% of buildings have central heating system but the state program on restoring of central heating systems in the cities is under implementation in Azerbaijan.

In what concerns the municipal infrastructure the areas of public lighting, open spaces construction, water supply and sewage, as well as the landfills are the responsibility of the City administration. Sumgayit municipality owns one landfill site, where a CDM project under the Kyoto Protocol is being implemented to collect landfill gas.

Sumgayit used to have a well-developed network of public transportation: trams, buses, minibuses (“marshrutki”) and taxis.  Over the last 20 years the structure has changed.  Currently there are no more trams circulating. The transport system is managed by the City Transport Department, a branch of the Ministry of Transport.  Sumgayit is part of the Intelligent Transport system for greater Baku area and now benefits from several measures as a new traffic control centre, which will oversee and administer the traffic, parking and congestion in the whole peninsula. Other measures include the gradual enforcement of EURO 3 & 4 emission standards, the respective fuel standards on distilleries, and enforcement of vehicle certification by a national technical service. 

The level of air pollution in Sumgayit is one of the highest in the country. Commissioned in 2008 the gas fired, 517 MW, Sumgayit power plant, replaced an old heavy oil fired plant. The new plant meets regional energy demand and contributes to better air quality in Sumgayit.

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