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Project activities

Sustainable Energy Action Plan of Somoniyon

As signatory to the Covenant of Mayors, Somoniyon committed to submit its Sustainable Energy Action Plan where the Covenant objectives and measures to reach them would be justified within the year following adhesion. The Sustainable Energy Action Plan of Somoniyon city of Tajikistan is based on the “Business As Usual” scenario with Standard Emission Factors coefficients. During the inventory year the population was 20,153 citizens.

It is expected that by 2020 the emissions will be reduced by about 22,9%  as compared with the situation in the BAU scenario.   

According to the action plan, the Municipality will develop 14 actions (8 Direct and 6 Indirect). The total cost of the action plan for the Municipality is roughly 280,000 Euros. A short report on the SEAP of Somoniyon can be found here.


Somoniyon’s pilot project: the refurbishment of the city’s kindegarten

Somoniyon City selected its pilot project, choosing as object a kindergarten which counts 100 enrolled children.

The experts set up the strategy to implement the project, which aims to demonstrate potential of RES and EE technologies for improved heating services in the municipality owned building. The scopes of the pilot project are:

  • Replacing all windows and doors to improve insulation and increase heating energy
  • Replacing plumbing system to improve hygiene
  • Replacing coal heating system to electricity heating system to reduce CO2 emissions and improve safety
  • Installing solar water heating system to reduce CO2 emissions and use alternative energy sources
  • Installing solar panels to ensure secure power supply

It appeared imperative to focus on design and implement measures to upgrade the thermal insulation in residential buildings, use of efficient heating equipment and alternative sources of energy, and to inform and educate/train people to conserve energy. In this way, energy efficiency potential utilization could significantly contribute to the economic development and poverty reduction goals of Tajikistan.

Somoniyon pilot project leaflet can be accessed here and here.

Stakeholders Meeting in Somoniyon held on 18th July 2012


In the framework of the DACO project and following the work programme contracted with the European Commission, the fourth Stakeholders meeting was held on 18th July 2012 in Somoniyon, Tajikistan. This event was organised by the local authority together with ECS and ALESA (Italy).

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Usupov, Deputy Chairman of the Rudaki district, and co-chaired by Mr. Bobiev, Mayor of Somoniyon. The first session focused on the formal introduction of the Covenant of Mayors, the DACO project and local Sustainable Energy Action Plans. The second session was dedicated to the presentation and discussion by the stakeholders of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and planning of such activities at local level. During panel discussions, participants considered various options for continued cooperation of all stakeholders in order to support further the implementation of the DACO project.