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Info&News from Somoniyon

Successful Donors’ Roundtable held in Somoniyon (19th July 2013)


In order to support the municipality in its commitment to sustainable development, assumed with the subscription of the Covenant of Mayor, the Energy Charter Secretariat organized a donors' roundtable in Somoniyon city on 19th July 2013.

The objectives of the roundtable were firstly to learn about innovative solutions and best practices on how public authorities can efficiently work towards the ambitious Covenant of Mayors objectives.

Secondly, since financing of the SEAP inscribed actions mostly depends on the municipal budget which is decide at central governmental level, the event was an opportunity to stimulate interest from international financial institutions and donors to finance energy projects at local level. 

Meeting participants learned about success stories from city authorities about planning, implementation and monitoring of local sustainable energy actions, and cooperated to ensure the realization of the envisaged actions.



Official opening of the meeting  

Opening speech by S. Tagoev Chairman of Rudaki district 

Welcome by Bobiev Murodbek, Chairman of Khukumat of Somoniyon settlement

- Welcome remarks by Christian Hell, representative of the European Union in Tajikistan

Session I - The Covenant of Mayors is raising global interest

Development of international initiative Covenant of Mayors – Emanuele Pasquini,  Energy Agency ALESA, Italy

- Covenant of Mayors Going to East and objectives of the DACO project - Zafar Samadov, Energy Charter Secretariat 


Session II – Experience of cities and regions in promoting sustainable energy

- Presentation on energy efficiency policies in Tajikistan – Farhod Bilolov, Ministry of Energy and Industry of Tajikistan

Presentation of Sustainable Energy Action Plan of Somoniyon settlement –  Abdumumin Sharifov, DACO consultant

International experience to implement  Sustainable Energy Action Plans – Marco Colalongo, Province of Chieti, Italy


Discussion panel - How to finance energy projects at the level of regions and cities

The interactive session was useful to discuss the benefits and challenges to sustainable energy as well as policy best 

practices and lessons from projects realized in Tajikistan and other countries.  

Panel speakers will be invited from:



- Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia

- Tajik Norwegian Small Hydro Power Development. Center

- Swiss cooperation office


- International organisations and local NGOs



Somoniyon is now one of the over 5000 signatories of the Covenant of Mayors (5th July 2013)

On 5 July 2013 the municipality joined to the Covenant of Mayors within the framework of the DACO project. With the signature of the declaration, the Municipality makes a voluntary unilateral commitment to reduce their CO2 emissions through a multifaceted process: it commits to prepare a Baseline Emission Inventory, a Sustainable Energy Action Plan and to publish regularly implementation reports stating the degree of implementation of the programme and the interim results. But also, the Municipality is in charge to spread the message of the Covenant of Mayors, promoting activities and involvement of citizens or stakeholders, and encouraging other Local Authorities to join the Covenant.


Somoniyon city and Rudaki district, Tajikistan

An overview: Somoniyon, experiencing energy efficiency

Somoniyon is the administrative capital of Rudaki district in the Region of Republican Subordination of Tajikistan, lying 17 km south of the national capital of Dushanbe. Its population in 2011 is estimated at 30,000 inhabitants. The most important challenge from the time of gaining the independence is to provide the population of the city and the district energy sources for heating, cooking and lighting.

To achieve this fundamental goal, the Municipality committed in several experiences in the field of energy efficiency and capacity building, spanning from the implementation of small-scale conservation projects to more comfortable ways for consumers to pay for electricity.
 Besides those, Somoniyon is, since 2012, one of the four partners of the DACO project. 

From the beginning, its knowledge and expertise on how to develop and implement sustainable energy activities improved, and are still increasing. The municipality undertook to ameliorate, and it’s making progresses in developing and implementing energy strategies: the objective is closer and closer.


Discovering Somoniyon: have a look on the presentation about the Municipality, its characteristics and proposals, within the context of the DACO project.