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Province of Chieti

The Province of Chieti has about 390 000 inhabitants and is mostly a hilly and mountainous area between the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Maiella chain to the north-west. It is extensively cultivated with olive trees and vineyards, and produces celebrated wines and extra virgin olive oil. The province of Chieti was called "Citeriore" since it was situated to the right of the Pescara river and was in Latin "citra" (=this side) with reference to Naples, the capital of the Kingdom. The Pescara river separated it from the province of Teramo, the Apennine Mountains from the province of L'Aquila, the right shore of the Sangro and the Valicella of the Varrino from Molise. The territory includes mountainous features, the group of the Maiella, and 72 km of steep and rocky coast, along the Adriatic sea.

The province of Chieti is constituted by about 104 municipalities of which 60% have less than 3.000 inhabitants. In the Province of Chieti there are already three approved municipal SEAPs.

The Province of Chieti has been working for a long time in the field of sustainable development, especially in the energy domain. It all started in 2000, with the initiation of the Local Agenda 21 process which was followed by adoption of, and participation in the “Take off campaign” of the European Commission. Since then many other projects have been developed over the years, thanks to which the Province and its local energy agency ALESA have gained considerable know how and visibility in environmental issues. 

During the European Conference on Climate Change in Huelva (Spain, September 25, 2009), the Province of Chieti signed the "Covenant of Mayors", thereby formally becoming the supporting structure of the European Commission, for the municipalities in its own territory.

The official signing ceremony of the Covenant of Mayors took place on November 21, 2009. Every municipality in the Province joined in the project by adopting a special resolution of the City Council.

Today the Province of Chieti, together with ALESA, is in the enviable position of having vast experience in sustainable energy planning and development, having carried out more than 100 SEAPs within their own territory. Part of the actions scheduled in these documents has already been implemented by means of European funds while other activities will be accomplished through the ELENA facility. It is foreseen that over the next three years 80 million euros will be locally invested to support municipalities in the implementation of their own SEAPs. 

The following Energy Balance of the Province of Chieti in the year 2005 (reference year for the SEAPs) presents a picture of the initial energy situation; under the framework of the Covenant of Mayors’ activities it is foreseen that a reduction of roughly 7% of overall provincial emissions will be achieved by the year 2020.

Province of Chieti is the leader of the DACO project.