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Project activities

Novogrudok has submitted its Sustainable Energy Action Plan


As signatory to the Covenant of Mayors, Novogrudok committed to submit its Sustainable Energy Action Plan where the Covenant objectives and measures to reach them would be justified within the year following adhesion.

The SEAP of Novogrudok has been approved by the municipal council and uploaded via the on-line submission system (My Covenant) in August 2014. In order to learn a short report on the SEAP of Novogrudok, please click here.


Novogrudok’s Pilot Project: comprehensive repair of pool in Novogrudok’s kindergarten

The municipality of Novogrudok decided to raise children awareness about energy saving and energy efficiency: through the realization of the pilot project, it aims to replace the heating system of the kindergarten’s pool.

The value of energy saving training in the school is generally recognized: indeed, if pupils get used to use carefully energy and electricity since  childhood, they will surely be able to make a breakthrough in energy saving in the future.

The project envisaged to install a solar water heating unit for the pool, which works also thanks to install evacuated tube collectors, with high efficiency rates in the range of air temperatures: from -250С to +500С

  • The unit should function all year round at a temperature of environment from -25 to 40 0С.
  • The capacity of the unit should as much as possible meet the needs of the pool with warm water in the summer and should be a source of additional heat energy in the rest of the period.
  • The unit should function jointly with the heat supply system of kindergarten.

The expected unit capacity should allow to heat 2.5 m3 of water for 5 hours from 5 to 60 degrees С. Thus, since the capacity of the solar unit should be around 40-50kW, the expect results are promising.

The project was inaugurated last 15 July 2014

Have a look on Novogrudok's Pilot Project - Presentation Russian version.

Donors Conference held in Minsk on 11 December 2013

The event was organised in the framework of the DACO project in close cooperation with Novogrudok City Council. More than twenty participants attended the meeting, including representatives of from ministries, local administrations, EBRD, UNDP, EU delegation, GIZ and COMO East office.

The objective of the roundtable was to get together local and national authorities as well as donors and financial institutions and to discuss best practices on how public authorities can efficiently work towards the ambitious Covenant of Mayors objectives. The roundtable was aimed to identify available financial resources and to provide financing for implementation of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) of Novogrudok and other Covenant signatories from Belarus.

Novogrudok signs up to the Covenant of Mayors

On 18 February 2013, Mr. Anatoliy Makkevich, Chairman of the Novogrudok District Executive Committee of the Novogrudok District signed up to the Covenant of Mayors by mandate of the Session of Deputies of Novogrudok District.

Novogrudok is glad to announce its adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors initiative, being the first municipality in doing so within the framework of the DAco project, and the sixth municipality in Belarus.

The city created a strategy for sustainable energy development, training and informing people, and promoting close co-operation with local authorities, in order to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20%, increase the share of alternative energy to 20% and improve energy efficiency by 20% by 2020.

Stakeholders Meeting held in Novogrudok on 7th June 2012

In the framework of the DACO project and following the work programme contracted with European Commission, on the 7th June 2012 was held the first Stakeholders meeting in Novogrudok, Republic of Belarus. This event was organised by the local authority together with ECS and ALESA (Italy).

The meeting comprised a full-day event and from the DACO project team were present representatives from the Province of Chieti (Mr. Giancarlo Moca and Mr. Eugenio Caporella) as team leader and, from partners, ALESA (Mr. Marco Collalongo) and ECS (Mr. Dario Chello, Ms. Bilyana Chobanova and Ms. Gabriela Prata Dias).

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Anatoly Markevich , Chairman of Novogrudok Regional Committee. Other participants were Mr. Sergei Faliuk, Deputy Chairman of the Regional Committee, experts from the Economic Department, Mr. Svyatoslav Pavlyuk from the office of the Covenant of Mayors East and Mr. Vladimir Kouzmich, appointed local expert for the DACO project.

From the local community were present representatives from the local industry, energy departments, forestry management department and local press.

At the opening session the head of the Novogrudok Municipality has provided a welcome address followed by the Province of Chieti representative (Mr. Eugenio Caporella) and ECS (Mr. Dario Chello).

The remaining morning presentations were dedicated to the formal introduction to the Covenant of Mayors, the DACO project and the local Sustainable Energy Action Plans. The morning presentations were followed by a conference to the local press. The afternoon session was dedicated to the presentation and in depth discussion of the local features, projects and advancements in the local community by the stakeholders.

The Chairman Mr. Anatoly Markevich referred during the meeting, that the Municipality of Novogrudok aims to formally sign up to the Covenant of Mayors by September 2012, which would be an important step towards the successful accomplishment of the DACO project.

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Please have a look on the detailed DACO project presentation.