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Info&News from Novogrudok

Novogrudok city and the Hrodna region

The city of Novogrudok in the Hrodna region in the Republic of Belarus has a population of around 31,000 people. Although small in size, Novogrudok is a vibrant multiethnic community with a wide range of on-going activities.

The Municipal Authorities of Novogrudok have sought to reduce energy use by implementing energy efficiency improvements to public buildings such as insulation and glazing. The local authorities strongly support further development of biomass processing and use as a fuel for domestic heating. The Municipality of Novogrudok is truly committed to seeking opportunities to drive forward energy efficiency through partnerships within national and international engagement, using these to promote and learn from best practice.

The local authorities understand their role and responsibility as local leaders to support an energy efficient future, tackle obstacles, set enabling local frameworks and lead by example. They clearly understand that they need to achieve a step change in the levels of energy efficiency and to take advantage of the environmental and economic opportunities in reducing consumption and developing environmental clean technologies locally. 

Please have a look at the presentation on Novogrudok within the context of the DACO project.