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Energy Charter Secretariat

The Energy Charter Secretariat is an international organisation based in Brussels, Belgium which supports the Energy Charter Conference with all necessary assistance for the performance of its duties and in developing any other the functions assigned to do within the Energy Charter Treaty or in any related Protocol. 

The Energy Charter Treaty and the Energy Charter Protocol on Energy Efficiency and Related Environmental Aspects were signed in December 1994 and entered into legal force in April 1998. To date, the Treaty has been signed or acceded to by fifty-one states, the European Community and Euratom (the total number of its members is therefore fifty-three). 

The Treaty was developed on the basis of the 1991 Energy Charter. Whereas the latter document was drawn up as a declaration of political intent to promote energy cooperation, the Energy Charter Treaty is a legally-binding multilateral instrument. 

The fundamental aim of the Energy Charter Treaty is to strengthen the rule of law on energy issues, by creating a level playing field of rules to be observed by all participating governments, thereby mitigating risks associated with energy-related investment and trade. 

The Energy Charter Secretariat is a partner of the DACO project.