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ALESA - Local Agency for Energy of the Province of Chieti

ALESA is a public/private entity and operates as the Local Energy Agency of Chieti. The Agency creation was co-financed under the 2000 SAVE Programme.

ALESA has been fully operating since the month of November 2001 with a staff composed of 5 full-time persons. The Agency is a member of the European network of FEDARENE (European Federation of Regional Energy and Environment Agencies), and the national network of RENAEL (National Net of Regional and Local Agencies for Energy). It operates to promote on the territory Renewable Energy Sources and Rational Use of Energy, acting in different ways in relation with the target groups and the aims proposed; in these first two work years, it has given its contribute to the fulfilment of the provincial energy plan, through the collecting of data and information available about energy management, in order to define the energy strategies of the Province. 

The Agency operated in a good way also in the European field, taking part in some EU projects financed by the ALTENER Programme and the LEONARDO Programme.

ALESA has been very active also in the local and national field planning two research projects: the first in collaboration with the INRM - National Institute for the Mountain Research, about the valorisation of the local biomass; the second about the use of waste biomass for fuel cell in collaboration with the University "G.D'ANNUNZIO" of Chieti, the Province of Chieti and other private partners. Then the Agency gave its contribute in the Regional Solar Thermal and PV plans, both in the drafting phase in collaboration with Regione Abruzzo and in the diffusion phase towards the various target groups. 

Dissemination activities are one of the most important aims of the Agency. 

ALESA is a partner of the DACO project.